School 2.0

At NEXT we’ve designed world-class facilities for the kids that inspire creativity, collaboration and serendipity, and stimulates the minds of young children. 

A Workplace for Tomorrow's Leaders

The advisory is at the heart of the action. Our advisories are purpose designed for the Big Picture model. The space and furniture are designed in a way that makes it possible for the advisory to quickly switch between various learning modes.

Kindergarten Advisories

For the younger ones, we’ve created a large, vibrant space for them to learn and play together. The space enjoys outdoor access to the early childhood play area and our large playground. We’ve designed various play and learning corners to provide a range of stimuli to keep the young ones engaged.

Quiet Commons

This is a modern interpretation of a library space – a quiet space that’s not just for books and reading, but creative inspiration and quiet reflection. Huge windows and beautiful views of the Mulund hills help the children stay motivated, inspired and focused.

Loud Commons

This big space is right in the middle of all the action. It’s a vibrant, buzzing space where students can have meetings, collaborate with others and connect with their friends. 

Play Spaces

Playground  •  KG  •  Bounce


A lot of magic happens at the Makerspace from 3D printing to robotics, from carpentry to metalworks.

And there's a lot more!

We’ve planned an array of different facilities to cater to almost every learning need.


Art Studio


Picture Studio


Music Studio


Science Labs


Outdoor Playground


800 Seater Auditorium (Phase 2)