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  • How do I get in touch with caterers, decorators, pandit etc. in the nearby area?
    Details for all nearby services is provided in this booklet. You can also get in touch with the facility manager for any additional details.
  • Are there any Do's and Don't pertaining to fit-out?
    • Ensure that the passages, walkways & staircases are not obstructed or damaged during the course of the fit-outs.
    • Intimate the Facility management team once the fit-out work is completed. They'll inspect the fit-out work and process the return of the security deposit.
    • Ensure that the taps are not running post fit-outs Ensure that the debris are kept only in the area designated by the facility team
    • Civil work, structural changes, changes in elevation, window, plumbing shaft etc is not permitted in the flats.
    • Fitting a window grill on the exterior side of the building is not allowed.
    • Installing a window AC unit is not permitted. Split AC's can only be installed in the designated areas as directed by the facilities team.
  • How do I initiate the process of fit-out for my apartment?
    • Send an intimation letter with the proposed work (furniture plan, electrical layout etc.) to the Marathon Facility department 15 days prior to starting fit-out work. You may meet the facilities team with your interior designer in case you have any queries.
    • The Facility team will assess the proposed changes and give a go ahead for you to commence work. You will need to submit a refundable security deposit of Rs. 50000 prior to the fit-out work.
    • Fill up the requisition form & obtain ID cards for all workers.
    • Please adhere to the instructions of the facility manager during the fit-out period.
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