The most sacred space of our township

At Nexworld, our greatest focus has been the experience from within our apartments.  The result? Huge windows, picture-perfect views and floor plans that make more sense than they ever did before.

Make yourself at home

Nexworld offers several incredibly designed apartment types across a wide range of prices each with unique design variations that give you unmatched choice.


228 s & 229 sq.ft.
Starting 18.9L

1 BHK Smart

288 – 315 sqft
Starting 27.9L


338 – 385 sqft
Starting 36.49L

1 BHK Premium & 2 BHK

Sold Out

The most beautiful home

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A Family Home

family room

Everything is possible

The family space delivers way beyond what you would have imagined! You can comfortably have a queen bed, a study table, cupboards for 3-4 people, an additional sofa bed for kids, a smartly planned shoe rack, and even additional niche storage.

family room

A Home with Superpowers

We have come up with some simple innovations in the furniture to help you use the same family room in many different ways!


Regular Mode
Delivers almost everything that you could expect from most 1 BHK apartments.


Sleeping Mode
A perfectly comfortable, restful arrangement for 4 people to sleep.


Dining Mode
Creates a dining space for 6-8 people! The coffee table turns into a dining table and a few stackable stools help complete the seating arrangement.


Party Mode
Can accommodate upto 12 guests! That’s beyond what most 1BHKs can do. The sofa bed transforms into an L-shaped-couch and additional stackable stools help create additional seating.


The most used space gets the respect it deserves

Most small homes have a highly compromised kitchen, but our family home has a full-fledged kitchen in every single aspect. Ample space for a full sized fridge, stove and sink. And after all that a solid 5.5′ of clear platform to work on. Works beautifully with even 2 people working together!



World classfinishes

Beautiful, earthy flooring and dado tiles. Premium CP and sanitaryware. This classy, modern washroom shows that washrooms can be beautiful too!


service area

No detail too small

We have planned electrical, water and drainage connections for your washing machine and AC outdoor unit in the utility area. We’ve even thought deeply about how you will dry your clothes.