Special spaces
beyond your home

Special places
beyond your home

We’ve designed some special spaces for you, for a few important and fun things that you can’t do inside your home.

Special spaces beyond your home


Users of 1 room homes have often told us that the most difficult time is exam time! Not just for the kids but also for the parents – everyone in the home has to maintain pin-drop-silence! 

That’s why we designed the library – your children can study peacefully without any interruptions and distractions in this beautiful space. You might want to come here yourself for some focused work!

Indoor Games

With a series of indoor games like carrom, chess, table tennis, pool – there can’t be a reason to ever feel bored at home!


This is the cardio section of the gym. We have another space with complete weight training equipment as well. Get healthier and improve your body as well as your mind.


A 120+ capacity banquet area means all of the significant events and functions in your family can happen in your very own building.

Guest Room

And there’s even a very nice space for your relatives or friends to stay during family functions or otherwise.